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Facebook Social Toolkit – Application Information

Description: Facebook Social Toolkit a Google Chrome Extension addon is a collection of Facebook automation tools that are created to save your time while using Facebook.

Facebook Social Toolkit Service Offer

1. Unlike All Facebook Pages At Once:
2. Unfriend All Friends At Once:
3. Unfollow All Facebook Friends At Once:
4. Delete All Comments At Once:
5. Reject All Friend Requests At Once:
6. Unfollow All Facebook Groups At Once:
7. Remove Facebook Page Likes:
8. Remove All Facebook Groups:

Cancel All Pending Friend Requests:

1. Facebook ID Extractor:
2. Invite Your Friends To Like Your Page:
3. Invite Your Friends To Join Your Group:
4. Accept All Friend Requests At Once:
5.E vent Invitation Tool:
6. Send Multiple Friend Requests At once:
7. Suggest Your Friends To Another Friend:
8. Facebook Video Downlaoder:

Premium Facebook Tools

These are premium automation tools with advanced functionality and these tools are reserved on
for premium users.To purchase a premium license please use the links given in the extension box.

1. Facebook Group Member Tagger:
2. Facebook Group Transfer:
3. Post On Multiple Groups At Once:
4. Post On Own Facebook Pages:
5. Claim As Group Admin:
6. Add All Friends As Group Admin:
7. Group Admin Transfer:
8. Message All Friends At Once:
9. Post On Liked Pages:
10. Join Multiple Groups Using Group Ids:

(D) Premium Extraction Tools

Premium extraction tools are advanced automation tool made to retrieve information about your Facebook friends, Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages.These tools are reserved only
for premium members, make sure you have purchased a premium license key to use these tools.

1. Extract Facebook Page Fan IDs:
2. Extract Group Email:
3. Extract Friends ' Emails :
4. Extract Friend IDs:
5. Extract Group IDs:
6. Extract User Likes:
7. Extract Group Member IDs:
8. Extract Group Member Emails:
9. Extract Phone Numbers Of Facebook Friends:


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